Leisure and facilities

When the school day is over, the student life commences. And it is an exciting life! In addition to socializing, it is both a fun and growing experience to be a part of such a close-knit community. The following are some of the many activities you may participate in…..

The Folk High School North Norway

Skolen og Setertind


The school is situated beautifully, around a center lawn, with student housing, stable, riding arena and chapel with teaching facility.

In the main building you find the classrooms, dining hall, fireside room, lecture hall/amphitheatre, gym and weight room with showers and sauna, billiard room, TV room and offices.

The food


We gather in the dining hall for breakfast, dinner and evening meal. The kitchen crew is responsible for both breakfast and dinner, yet the students participate preparing the evening meal alongside one of the kitchen staff, as well as clean up afterwards. The kitchen is modern and spacious.

At times of special festivities, such as focus nights, entertainment and other such activities, the students often lend a hand in preparing food, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

The fireside room


The fireside room is one of the schools common, social arenas, where students can hang out – either simply sipping tea and surfing the net, or play a hand of cards with fellow students.

During dark fall evenings, building a fire in the hearth, sip cocoa and discuss next week’s evening program, are but some of the many ways to enjoy the fireside room. Creativity and imagination abounds with community and dialog.

Gym/Weight room


The school sports a big gym area for ballgames, and a weight training room with change room, shower and sauna attached. You will also find a climbing wall! The gym area is open for student use during school hours. Bandy, soccer, volleyball and other gym sports prove popular, and a boon for socializing and community building.

In the weight room you’ll find treadmills, cycles for spinning, and an assortment of other resistance training devices.


Lecture hall


The school’s lecture hall is also the amphitheatre. It sports a large stage with sound- and lighting system. The school day usually starts with a morning gathering. The hall is often used when common lectures are held, Saturday seminars and special program evenings/entertainment.

The students may also make use of the hall in their spare time to watch movies, for music performances or theatre.

Yet all classes have their own classroom, outfitted to meet student and learning needs.