More about the school

“Even the walls at the school give a sence of safety, inviting us to be who we are.”

We believe generosity and openness is a superb foundation for learning – both more about the world we live in, and about ourselves.

The area

The Folk High School North Norway is centrally located in northern Norway. The location of the school is Evenskjer, in the municipality of Skånland, near Harstad/Narvik airport Evenes.

The school lies between the cities of Harstad and Narvik. This is the most “densely” populated area in the north. Tromsø is a short distance away, as is the Lofoten Islands and Sweden.

The municipality

Skånland is an interesting municipality in the north, with a vibrant culture and history. Both Sami and Norwegian people have lived here from ancient times, side by side. So it remains today. The Sami name is Skaniid suohkan and the school`s Sami name is Álbmotallaskuvla Davvi-Norga.


The Folk High School North Norway is owned and run by KFUK-KFUM – the largest Christian child- and youth organization in Norway. It is affiliated with the worldwide YMCA and YWCA, which combined constitutes the world`s largest youth organization. In Norway, KFUK and KFUM own and run four Folk High Schools: Rønningen Folk High School in Oslo; Valdres Folk High School in Valdres, Sunnmøre Folk High School in Ulstenvik and the Folk High School North Norway. They are all founded on the KFUK-KFUM Folk High School Strategy and Long Term Plan.

KFUK-KFUM naturally has a view to the outside world. In order to do som well, it needs to be anchored in it`s home environment, i.e. in the municipality, northern Norway and the multinational Arctic, which it is part of.

Goal and intention

The goal of the school is to genuinely see each person and encourage good relationships;
to facilitate for each student – through all activities and challenges – to come to know him – and her better;
to acknowledge personal responsibility also for the world in which they live.

Values – this is what we belive

The school`s values are brief and threefold, with a question:


We believe that a year at the Folk High School North Norway can become the most significant year in your life.

In eveything we do – in everything you do – our goal is to aid you to become more aware and comfortable with who you are, that wou will dare to be your true self, and have courage to stand up for others!

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