Rules and expectations

To become a student here, you need to accept these ground rules:

  • Compulsory attendance at classes and common gathering/programs.
  • While living at the school and participating in school programs, any possession or use of alcohol or drugs is illegal. Neither is it acceptable to show up at school intoxicated after a holiday, weekend off or travels.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoors or outside school entrances.
  • Student Housing living demands that students are considerate of one another.
  • Students are expected to keep an orderly room and participate in cleaning.

After 23:00/11pm, calm and quiet is expected, and guests leave Student Housing. After 23:00/11pm, students may socialize in one of the commons areas, according to agreement with staff.Students need to their personal “contact teacher” if they receive outside guests. Students are to sleep only in their own rooms. Students are expected to report in writing to their “contact teacher” if they are to return to school after 23:00/11pm.

  • Delinquency in regards to the school’s ground rules, may lead to a warning or temporary dismissal. In case of a serious breach of rules, it may result in permanent dismissal from the school.

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