Student housing

Life and fellowship at student housing is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your life while at a Folk High School.


Our school`s student housing makes – together with the teaching facility – a central “lawn” area.

There are three student houses: the A, B and C block where there are toilets, showers and washroom in the hallway at each floor, except the C block, where there’s a large washroom in the basement. Each floor has its own living room with a kitchenette.

The students provide their own bedding and towels (mattresses and comforters are provided). Those who want to decorate and personalize their rooms, may of course bring pictures and such to hang up. A floor mat or a rug and such would also be nice.

Student housing mainly consist of a double occupancy room. Once a week a house meeting is arranged, where both students and a “house” teacher at each floor discuss community issues – either only practical or interpersonal issues.


Community living allows students to really come to know one another, yet demands that they learn to function well together. Issues such as being responsible for washing common areas are rotated, and collaboration is needed to make use of washrooms – thus consideration for one another in general is a virtue.

Community living and fellowship will perhaps prove to be one of the most important aspects of a year at a Folk High School; it is likely experienced both as demanding and fun – and as such, a unique arena for building friendships and self-discovery.

When students feel the desire to socialize, they seek out to the commons areas. Yet when they need space and quiet, they retire in their own rooms.

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