This class is unique!

If you are between 18 and 23 years of age, a First Nation Youth, from any Indigenous Nation of the world, this is for you. Here you will meet and interact with other Indigenous youth from across the world.

Teaching language is English!

The school is now in the process of employing the class teacher. The teachers name, background, personal experiences and competense, will be made public by the end of April.

Together with your Sami teacher, you and your fellow students are the ones to set the agenda, the learning goals and the travelling destinations. It is your personal experiences as an indigenous person – living in or outside an indigenous community – that is important.

Through sharing of experiences, exploring different active and creative methods of learning – including visits and excursions to different indigenous communities abroad and in Norway – you will be challenged to be a participant rather than a spectator.

At school and in the local surroundings, the class will interact with indigenous Samis in North Norway, such as Inga Sami Siida, a traditional rein deer herding business as well as a modern tourist business.

Arild Inga, principal Rolf and Laila Inga

There will also be interaction with other local and regional encounters within politics, community work and culture, such as Várdobáiki Sami Center in Evenes and Árran Sami Center in Tysfjord.

All costs are already paid for!

And best of all, there is a scholarship waiting for all students in this class. The scholarship covers all costs such as school fees, board and lodging expences and travelling costs. The only money you will have to provide for yourself is for personal spending.

If you believe that this is for you, please do not hesitate – contact us right away –


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