We know from experience that young people often play a significant role when changes are being made. We believe in the principle of self-determination, for young people as well as for older Indigenous People. Sharing of experiences and interaction between indigenous youth is of great importance.

Spending a year at a Folk High School is different from any other other kind of school. Here is no set curriculum and no exams. Yet, there is a lot of learning, maturing and personal development in a safe learning environment.

During the first year of this new program, we invite our indigenous brothers and sisters, from around the world, to come together – to share and interact – and by doing so – to contribute in developing the contents and methods for this unique class.

Our long term goal is to create «a Sacred Space» for the mobilization of indigenous youth.

Creating a Sacred Ground and Space

Learning by sharing knowledge and experiences:

Indigenous peoples’ spirituality
Land and identity
Language and identity
Traditional knowledge
Indigenous culture – songs, music, dances

Confronting the Powers

fhsnn-indigenous_youth_articles-2-1200x800pxIndigenous issues are political issues. Together we will learn about and explore some of the challenges for Indigenous Peoples of today:

Indigenous Rights as individual and collective rights

The continuing development aggression
Globalization – a threat to Indigenous peoples today
Doctrine of Discovery – Colonialism and Christianity, Rifle and Bible – the shameful root of the humiliation and marginalization of Indigenous People

Reconstruction of Identity

Why do others make decisions for us?

Recovering of a collective memory
Truth-telling, naming the historic injustices that have hurt and marginalized so many individuals and cultures
Writing one’s own narrative
Decolonizing the faith
Self-presentation, self-representation, self-determination
The principle of free, prior and informed consent
Recovering Sacred Ground and Space

The importance of The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
The relevance of The Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
The significance of The Sami Parliament of Norway

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